Durg - Dhakoba

In the mountain ranges of Naneghat and Jivdhan, lies the forts of Durg and Dhakoba. To the south of Naneghat and Jivdhan is Dhakoba, while Durg stands behind it. Both these forts are situated in quite a deserted area.

There are no prominent structures on Durg fort. We can just imagine that it was used as a military base. Dhakoba fort was mainly built as a watch tower to keep a vigil on the trade routes passing by Vaishakhare to the ghat regions across the mountains.

Tour Schedule:

  • Board our bus from Ac65 Bus Stop at Borivali Station E @ 10 pm.
  • 2nd pickup at Anand Talkies, Thane Station E about 11 pm.
  • Reach base village by 4 am. After tea and snacks head towards Dhakoba fort. We will reach on the fort in two and half hour. We will explore the fort and proceed to Durg fort.
  • After exploring Durg fort, we will get down at base village and proceed to Junnar. After lunch, proceed to Mumbai
  • We will reach Mumbai by 10:30 pm

Tour Cost:     ₹ 1950/-

  • Cost Includes:
  • This includes tea, breakfast, snacks, and A/c private transport from Borivali to Borivali

To Book The Tour Call:

Akshay:   +91 98192 12975              Santosh:  +91 9930660731

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